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Evolution of Knowledge Economies Online Survey
We are currently undertaking a new project which aims to understand how and why particular regional and metropolitan areas around the world have been more competitive than others in the global knowledge economy. The Evolution of Knowledge Economies: Analysing the Globe's High Performing Regions is a crucial aspect to our work. We aim to identify those strategies and factors which have led your region to success; uncovering the influential policies, cultures and practices. We will then use our findings to compile a comprehensive analysis of regional economies; from which we hope other regions may draw important lessons, and examples of best practice.

To ensure that our analysis is as thorough and relevant as possible, we would greatly appreciate your input. I hope that you may find the time to complete the survey.

Throughout this questionnaire the knowledge economy refers to activities in your region where:

  • The processes of production and their products have become increasingly complex and sophisticated.
  • Increasingly advanced knowledge and skills are required in the production process.
  • There is an increasing reliance on specialist and distinctive skills.
  • There is more extensive use and transfer of information.

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