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nowledge is proving to be the key driver of economic growth in an age where innovation is at the heart of competitiveness. Our expertise allows our clients to promote policies focused on expanding business growth through new initiatives, and enhancing knowledge-based entrepreneurial opportunities. Our key research interests include:

The Economics of Competitiveness - as the founders of the UK Competitiveness Report Series and the World Knowledge Competitiveness Report, Robert Huggins Associates are able to utilise our evaluative and analytical resources to better understand the issues facing regional and local economic development policymakers and strategists. As part of our portfolio we aim to provide futures forecasting and planning analysis that takes a detailed, yet realistic, view of developments underlying growth at the global, regional, and local level.

New Models of Business Growth - the business environment is constantly evolving, and changing its modes of operation. Those businesses that are able to adapt most effectively and efficiently within this changing environment will be those that succeed. At Robert Huggins Associates it is one of our key research aims to constantly monitor this changing environment, and to inform relevant actors of new modes of business growth. For example Robert Huggins Associates has led the way in advocating the network-based capital-based mode of business growth. Also, we have undertaken considerable work on clustered business growth.

The Knowledge and Skills Economy Approach - human capital underpins business and economic progress. At Robert Huggins Associates we have developed a range of analytical tools that measure the strengths, weaknesses and potential of regions and localities - as well as individual businesses with regard to their knowledge and skills base. We offer knowledge and skills audits and solutions by which economies and businesses are able to embed themselves in a more productive and wealthier environment.

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