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obert Huggins Associates is a research-based economics consultancy and think-tank. We provide an interface between academic expertise and commercial research consulting, within the fields of economic and business analysis and development, operating in an international environment. Through us, clients are given access to the latest thinking, research, best practice, benchmarking and analysis of economic and business development issues.

Knowledge Partners
Our work is based on a high level of commercial and academic credibility, through the engagement of clients as knowledge partners – both commercial and academic with whom we are able to share new thoughts and new solutions, which our clients are then able to action.

The Competitiveness Centre

As the founders of the UK Competitiveness Index and the World Knowledge Competitiveness Index, we are able to utilise our evaluation and analytical resources to better understand the issues facing regional and local development policymakers and strategists.
The Futures Lab

We provide futures forecasting and planning analysis that takes a detailed view of developments underlying growth at the global regional and local level. We have developed a range of analytical tools that measure the strengths, weaknesses and potential regions and localities - as well as individual businesses - with regard to their knowledge.
Innovation Intelligence

It is one of our key research aims to constantly monitor the changing business and technology environment, and to inform relevant actors of new modes of business. In particular, we offer strategic support to a wide range of clients in fields relating to the economics and implementation of technology and innovation.
Social Research Unit
The Unit offers particular expertise in the development of links between social capital, inclusion and regional development through the delivery of evaluations, needs assessments and strategic planning exercises. This expertise has been developed from extensive experience of working in areas such as Social Care, youth work, rural development and training as well as community regeneration and third sector development. The Unit supports policy makers and practitioners in the public and voluntary sectors deliver opportunities for all - strengthening the social and economic fabric of rural and urban communities.
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