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Wednesday 23 August, 2017

Robert Huggins Associates are seeking to build on their successful annual UK Competitiveness reports by establishing a quarterly report. This innovative news journal would work towards developing a host of new indices and derivatives by which to measure the changes and evolution in the competitiveness of the UK's regions and localities, as well as introducing a new brand of forecasts and scenario setting indicators.

We are keen to develop a product that is useful to you and your colleagues. Therefore, we would very much appreciate you spending a few minutes outlining your thoughts and submitting them to us using the form below:

UK Competitiveness - Quarterly Report

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1. Would you and/or your organisation be interested in a publication such as this:
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3. What are the key reasons why you would subscribe to the UK Competitiveness Index - Quarterly Report, in terms of content, style and relevance to you and/or your organisation ?
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